The Transparent Task Force

Absolute, uncompromising, unfailing accountability.
We are high-tech solution providers, action-takers, skilled professionals, and efficient communicators.

Keep your property looking sharp

Strix believes in peace of mind, and will work in a smoothly coordinated effort to address all your management and maintenance needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and provide flexible, adaptive solutions for your property.

Our Services


We can provide hospitality staffing for the day to day management of your facility. All our employees are highly trained and dedicated to providing the ultimate customer service, to suit your professional standards and consumer experience. With Strix, your facility management and maintenance is well-covered.


Strix is an all-in-one resource for your security needs. We provide multiple options, ranging from carefully screened and trained security staffing, to cutting-edge technological solutions. Secured by Strix, you can operate your facility with confidence.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We’ll provide your facility with reliable, professional cleaning and maintenance solutions. We bring you peace of mind with employees available for daytime and nighttime shifts, mopping, dusting, deep-cleaning, trash removal and overall upkeep. All of our employees are fully-insured and licensed to keep your space clean, sanitary, and welcoming.

Pre/Post Construction

Strix is a valuable resource during and after construction. We provide cleaning crews for mid-construction cleanup to remove scrap material, heavy dust, and debris, as well as for heavy-duty post-construction cleanup. We also offer pre-inspection job site prep, ensuring the well-kept appearance of your project.

Quality of services
Integrity of work
Accountability provided

Our team includes a squad of professionally trained employees who are always on standby, ready to provide your facility with the proper services. Our vast resources capitalize on specialization, so that each employee is exceptionally skilled in his given task.

Protect, Maintain, Know.

We get the job done, and you’ll know it. Where the guy was and when, what he did there and how soon he left. With facility inspections and incomparably accurate tech-tracking programs and custom reporting capabilities, down to the last signature, snapshot, and fingerprint. You’ll know what went on, what got done and how it went over. 

We use uncompromising accountability to give you our best manpower. We are dependable, relentless, credible and utterly forthright. And we never stop reviewing data to up our game and deliver satisfaction. 

Strix. Truly transparent.

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Who know their stuff

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with a proven track record

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